Monday, November 13th 2017  |  6:30 - 8:00p

Deovlet Wines.jpg

In this class led by wine expert, Andy Copeland, students will taste & learn about the traditions and history behind Deovlet’s phenomenal California wines.

The artistry at Deovlet continues to grow as their winemakers learn from and improve upon the work of their predecessors. Through their minimal interference winemaking process, their wines are known for exhibiting the purest flavors of the vineyard.

We will taste and learn about the following wines:

• Chardonnay ’15, Deovlet, Santa Barbara County
• Pinot Noir ’15, Deovlet, Santa Barbara County
• Bordeaux Blend ’14, Sonny Boy, Santa Barbara County

Wine, cheese nibbles will be provided.

The price of this class is $35. Register below.